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 Practise Saturday Morning

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Cedric Diggory


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PostSubject: Practise Saturday Morning   Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:34 am

Cedric woke up early and all pumped early Saturday morning. He jumped out of bed, and got ready in a rush – then knocked on the 4th years door, to see if Jared was up.
Jared opened his door, his hair was a mess, but he was dressed and ready too. Cedric had a look at him.
“I’m just gonna tidy my hair…” Jared said, his voice low, not to wake the others.
“Don’t.” Cedric said, knowing Isabella liked it when his hair was like that. “It looks really good on you.”
Jared frowned, and hesitated for a moment.
“Alright, if you say so…” Jared shut the door quietly behind him – and they headed down for breakfast. They were the first two there, but the rest of the team came shortly after.


got damage control?

Tasty Lunch and Sweet Revenge
...to find out what just happened...
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Jared Hale


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PostSubject: Re: Practise Saturday Morning   Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:36 am

Jared woke up just before half six – fifteen minutes too late. He jumped out of bed and started dressing – he had just finished when he heard a knock on the door. There was no surprise to find Cedric on the other side. He way Cedric looked at him made him feel like a mess.
“I’m just gonna tidy my hair.” He said in his low voice.
”Don’t.” Cedric demanded. “It looks really good on you.”
Jared frowned – and hesitated, thinking it was weird. Messed up hair didn’t look good on him?
”Alright, if you say so.” He said, and walked out the door, gently shutting it behind him not to wake his room mates up.
Jared and Cedric walked side by side up to breakfast, but in silence. It was a good silence though, none of them needed to say anything. They sat down for breakfast – and Jared grabbed some toast, knowing that Cedric would want them to eat properly before practise.
”So, what did you do last night?” He asked, watching Cedric grab some porridge.
”And will Bella be joining us?”
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Isabella Ivy
EMF Spiker
EMF Spiker

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PostSubject: Re: Practise Saturday Morning   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:20 pm

Isabella woke the next morning, earlier than she needed. She promised herself not to do any studying the night before as she had to wake a little more earlier to watch Cedric and Jared at their Quidditch practice. She mostly wanted to watch Jared, but Cedric was her best friend, it would be fun to watch him too since he was captain.
"I swear I put it - ah!" she scattered along the bedside table for her hair clip, pushing aside a book which almost fell but quickly pushed it back. Isabella moved in front of the mirror, and slid the clip between her pursed lips, sorting her hair with her hands. She held it in place, grabbed the clip and slid it through her hair, clipping it in place.
There wasn't many people around as she made her way to the Great Hall, and she smiled a little to herself as she walked. She preferred when there wasn't many people around, and when she opened the doors to the hall, her smiled remanded.
Her eyes looked over at the Hufflepuff table and she saw Jared and Cedric. She wouldn't be sitting at her table this morning, but at the Hufflepuffs table. Isabella tried not to look up at them, expescially Jared as she headed over to them and she started to twist and untwist her fingers - it just kept her a little calmer.
"Hey guys," she smiled, her voice happy and soft and her heart thudding stupidly. She sat next to Cedric, "How are you both this morning?" she looked at Cedric and then at Jared. She didn't notice on her way over but, "You got bed hair" she smiled at Jared, feeling more confident around Cedric, as usually. "It looks good, I like it" she then looked away from him quickly - okay, she wasn't all too confident, feeling her cheeks heat up a little, but at least she spoke to him - which, for her was big.

<<Her hair, lmao. I just felt like showing you >.< >>
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PostSubject: Re: Practise Saturday Morning   

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Practise Saturday Morning
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