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This is a RP'ing forum which takes palce during the third school year of Harry James Potter
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 Information (Just like rules) - for members

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Isabella Ivy
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EMF Spiker

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PostSubject: Information (Just like rules) - for members   Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:02 am

This thread is here to give you members a few bit of information which has not be posted in the rules.

If anyone has any questions on anything at all, you must PM Isabella Ivy or Cedric Diggory.

The year:
Pure and simple, it is 1992 - Harry's thrid year

Right, as you know this forum is PG-13 only, BUT if grown-ups or students in year 6-7 need an area higher than PG-13 (for sex or high violence) and that will be used frequently, please send a PM.
However, this will only be done if a number of people have asked, as there is no point for only 2 people, and must be used frequently as said.
If it is not a frequent 'event', you much add {R} to a required thread post.

Posting threads:
1. I would like to make this clear, as I have come across this before; that if you and another person or more have a thread for only themselves, with no one other than themselves to post, please specify either in the title or the first post you make - make it clear by using bold text, large text, or coloured text.
This is because some people bitch to the others that the thread is only for, e.g. Draco, Harry, Ron and Luna, when they didn't specify in the first place.

2. When posting, we must keep it to third person. For example, "Isabella Ivy dashed down the grand staircase, in the hope to see Jared standing at the bottom at her wait."

Yup, you will get warnings if (not all warning go towards being deleted):
~ You mistreat other RP'ers in any way, and if you're a target please send a PM and we shall deal with whom ever is bothering you.
~ You also disrespect us or any of the mods/admins trying to do their 'job' on this site.
~ You do not RP, your warning will be for deletion.
~ You do not follow the rules - They not hard to follow.
~ You have not posted a profile - this isn't too serious, but profiles are essential.

You will also get a warning if you have not been RP'ing in a long period of time. This warning only happens if you haven't told us via PM or haven't made a post in the bulletin board. This is so we do not delete your character.

Special Abilities:
If your OC character (or cannon if discussed with us before hand) has a special ability, you MUST PM us stating what it is, and what it is capable of doing to others and/or you character before added to the profile.
If it is too outrageous, you will not be granted the ability.

It SUCKS that WE have to SHORTEN our REPLIES just because others can't WRITE LONG ONES!
*random outburst of rage*
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Information (Just like rules) - for members
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