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This is a RP'ing forum which takes palce during the third school year of Harry James Potter
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 The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year

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Isabella Ivy
EMF Spiker
EMF Spiker

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PostSubject: Re: The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year   Thu Jul 24, 2008 9:43 pm

Isabella felt Cedric’s arms around her, whispering to her, she nodded at his words as her eyes watched the Dementor freely float by, trying to breath like he said. She turned herself away from the window, clinging onto Cedric’s sweater - feeling safe, yet numb with no emotional feeling and wanting to sit in a dark room with no-one. But she kept herself close to Cedric, hiding her face.
She felt his one arms let go and she felt like a coward, hiding away - he father was right. She couldn’t be a coward forever.
“Why would Sirius be on this train? Surly he would be better than that?” she spoke up as he sat them down, keeping herself close. She felt the room gradually feel warmer, but goose bumps didn’t move from her skin.
Isabella watched him place his wand back in his pocket, his hand gliding through her hair - she felt more relaxed. The frost melting away and the light back on - she swallowed and closed her eyes, breathing properly now.
“I acted like such a cowardly … girl” clearly annoyed with herself, looking at Cedric, his hands on her shoulders. She nodded after he spoke to check on the other passengers. “I should get into my robes” she said as he stood to leave.
Isabella didn’t move at first. She sat with her hands palm down, and fingers curved around the edge of the bench, looking down at the floor. The train was moving again, she sighed and smiled slightly to herself and began to get into her robes.
She was still annoyed with herself, thinking back to her father, his voice strong, echoing in her mind.
“Being a coward leads to nothing. Is that what you want?“ She shock her head, looking up at her father, his hands on her shoulders the grass beneath her feet and the sun on her face. “Never be a coward, never back down from anything or anyone and keep your head high. Take nothing from anyone and keep to want you want and need. You will succeed in life, Isabella. Never be afraid…” - she was only 5 then, she didn’t understand.

Isabella was in her robes, flattering them down with her hands and sat back onto the bench, keeping her eyes on the window pane. Voices where heard out on the train corridor; excited loud voices, scared voices. She wasn’t paying too much attention to them, she was too lost in thoughts about her father telling her not to be a coward in all situations. She failed. She was a coward.
Her thoughts were broken, the compartment door opened. She quickly turned her head, looking at a tall ginger boy, the light shining on his spectacles. He stood in the doorway, one hand on the frame, looking at her. “Are you in here on your own?” looking and sounding somewhat concerned.
Isabella shook her head “No, Cedric was with me. He’s going around checking on everyone too” she gave a polite smile. He gave a nod “Are you all right? You look well, nothing happened in here?” his voice rushing.
Isabella smiled “Everything is fine. Thanks” blushing a little - she wasn’t sure why. Percy nodded again and slowly closed the door as he stepped out. Cedric was stood behind him, looking at him.
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Cedric Diggory


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PostSubject: Re: The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year   Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:33 am

”Hi Percy,” Cedric said and smiled. “Do you mind?” He motioned for Percy to get out of his way.
“It’s my compartment.” He added. Percy nodded and moved without a word.
The two of them got along alright, but Percy was a little too stuck up for Cedric – taking things a little too seriously. Even so, he liked the guy – if he just could get past his “duties”.
“Thanks.” Cedric said, but as he was about to walk in, someone yelled his name. He turned an saw Jared walking towards him. It seemed graceful, Jared’s walking – like he was floating or dancing…
Cedric had always thought of Jared as really beautiful, but he was not his type. Besides, they were best friends. And Jared was straight, Cedric was pretty sure of that.
But then again, Jared thinks I’m straight…. He added mentally.
Jared was catching up to see if Cedric was alright. Usually Cedric would sit with them, but earlier that same day he felt like having some privacy and some time alone. His friend went on and on about how everyone had reacted when the dementors passed their compartment. He showed his hand, it was bruises around the wrist.
“What happened?” Cedric frowned.
“Sarah.” Jared said, and smiled sheepishly.
“Right, it had to be.” Cedric chuckled, and rolled his eyes. He looked in at Isabella, feeling bad about leaving her out of the conversation.
“Do you want to join us?” Cedric asked while turning.


got damage control?

Tasty Lunch and Sweet Revenge
...to find out what just happened...
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Jared Hale


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PostSubject: Re: The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year   Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:13 am

There was a lot of commotion as the dementors borded the train. Sarah had freaked out and grabbed his wrist, but he didn’t blame her. The feelings a dementor left one with was the kind he couldn’t stand – it ate you up, and left you lifeless.
He wanted to use his powers to calm the others down, knowing that if they were calm, he would be calm – but he knew he couldn’t fight the dementors, they were many, and had a stronger kind of magic than him.
When the light flickered back on, everyone had the same scared expression. Jared felt relief flush over him from everyone – as the train started moving. He knew all along that they were going to be ok, the dementors were looking for Sirius. Amos, Cedric’s father had warned his family about it, knowing through his work at the ministry that something like this might happen.
“Is everyone alright?” Jared asked, and looked around – everyone seemed to be. Sarah eased her grip on his wrist, it was bruised.
“I’m sorry.” She said, but Jared could see that she didn’t mean it.
“What about Cedric? Did anyone see him today?” She continued, ignoring Jared.
No one seemed to know if Cedric even were on the train.
“Well, the guy is made prefect…” Jared started. They all looked at him.
“I’ll go see if I can find him.” Jared muttered and got up. He knew that Cedric would be alright, the guy was skilled in magic. He could defend himself against anything, Jared was sure of that. Besides, the dementors weren’t after Cedric to begin with.

He walked down the train corridors, looking through the windows. There was a bunch of scared first and second years – it was weird, to see that the older they got the less scared they were. He walked past the compartment with Wood, feeling his heart sink to his toes.

Jared was the Hufflepuffs keeper, but not half as skilled as Wood. It was eating him up inside, because he had been practising like crazy all summer – both with Cedric and his older brother Cillian – when he was in town. Wood looked up, and Jared started walking again, bumping into Stella not far from Wood’s compartment.
“Jared!” She hugged him, her face was still pale. He was picking up some kind of emotion from her, jealousy…
“Stella.” Jared didn’t return the hug, and looked down at her. “Are you alright?”
“Sure.” Stella muttered, and rubbed her arms.
“You haven’t seen Cedric have you?”
Stella’s eyes narrowed.
“Yeah, he walked back to his compartment just now. It’s down there.”
Stella pointed down the corridor.
“Thanks!” Jared said, and smiled politely. He didn’t really like Stella, she was annoying, always trying to get Cedric’s attention, kind of like Sarah. Heck, kind of like every girl he knew. He was torn inbetween jealousy and feeling sorry for the guy, yet he would never admit to the first part. For some crazy reason, Cedric didn’t get along well with chicks, and the relationships he had gotten into never lasted more than a week…

Cedric was standing outside a corridor, so Jared called out for him. Percy Weasley was there too, flashing his head boy badge. Jared’s eyes widened.
Did that just say ‘big head boy’? But he didn’t give it a second look.
He started telling about what happened in their compartment, and who had been with him when the dementors came on the train.
“…and Sarah was freaked. You probably should have been there to like, calm her down. I’m never good enough for her, even so…” Jared said, and showed Cedric his wrist.
“What happened?” Cedric looked really concerned, and could hardly be blamed. If Jared walked to the hospital wing showing that off, they might think he got beat at home – or something like that.
“Sarah.” Jared smiled sheepishly.
“Right, it had to be.” Cedric chuckled – and that caused Jared to chuckle too. Cedric turned away, looking into his compartment. First now Jared noticed that Cedric hadn’t been sitting alone. Isabella, the Ravenclaw girl who he shared a lot of classes with was sitting with him.
Jared felt a little jealous again, he’d always liked that girl – but never approached her.
“Do you want to join us?” Cedric asked. Jared smiled, he really wanted too – but couldn’t. it would have been nice, getting away from the others…
“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I was just checking up on you, you know? I have to report back. Or they’ll send out someone and report me missing.” Jared winked at Isabella, before he looked at Cedric again.
“I’ll see you at dinner, yeah?” Jared patted Cedric’s shoulder, and headed back to his compartment with the news.
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PostSubject: Re: The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year   

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The Train Ride--Harry's Third Year
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