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This is a RP'ing forum which takes palce during the third school year of Harry James Potter
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 Parvati Patil

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Parvati Patil


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PostSubject: Parvati Patil   Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:53 am

Name: Parvati Patil
Age: 13
Sister: Padma Patil
Boggart: A Mummy
Wand: Maple and Unicorn Hair, 10 and a half inches
Born: 1980
Best Friend: Lavender Brown

Parvati is a third year, and is in the same year as harry. She has a twin sister name Padma Patil, and her best friend is Lavender Brown. Her favorite subject is Divination, her favorite teacher is Professor Trelawny.
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Parvati Patil
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